AI-powered personal safety monitoring

For your business travellers and lone workers

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HomeSafe is the only safety solution with AI monitoring to free you from the cost and overheads of manual monitoring
Easily identify the location and safety status of all active staff to support safeguarding and legal responsibilities
Quick and simple to use, with flexible settings and privacy features to keep all roles safe and happy
HomeSafe App
Ability to trigger alarms manually or through the use of a duress pin. Automatic alarms when there’s no response even while out of network coverage.
Automated Checks
Easily identify when the next “check-in” is due, helping to avoid missed checks and false alarms. Check-in early for convenience and extra reassurance.
High-Risk Mode
Temporarily increase the frequency of checks during high-risk work such as confined space working.
An evolutionary leap in employee personal safety

HomeSafe is the world’s first and only safety monitoring solution using AI to help monitor your team. HomeSafe AI replaces the majority of manual monitoring, meaning you don't need staff constantly watching the web portal (or to buy expensive Alarm Receiving Center services to do it for you). Instead, HomeSafe AI will alert you when action is required, allowing you to manage by exception whilst benefiting from scalable safeguarding for your entire organisation.

Cross-Industry Solutions

HomeSafe can be used in many different industries which employ traditional field workers such as construction and asset maintenance. However, our solution works equally well for less obvious sectors such as sales or business consultants, medical staff performing home visits or even staff commuting long distance for meetings and conferences.


HomeSafe has already been shortlisted for two industry awards with results to be announced later in 2023.

Construciton News 2023 Specialist Award
Water Industry Awards 2023
HomeSafe gives us the confidence to know where our teams are and that they're safe. If something unexpected happens we can respond with help quickly which makes our team feel looked after.
Jane Smith, eRenewable Inc.

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